Busy 2016!

I can’t believe 2016 passed and we are already into early March of 2017!!!

So much happened in 2016 I don’t even know where to start. Actually, I do. I’ll start with the first working trip we had, Nain, Labrador in late February of 2016.

After all these years I should be used to “the work” but I still find myself hesitant to share, share my story, share my “path”, share my method of recovery and healing until Nain.

I left home in 1991, 26 years later, I look back and see a healed enough life and I have a duty to share it, I am proud to share it, I have earned the right to share it and now I know we need to share! All of these years later our children and youth are still struggling, are still fighting for the basics! How can this be in this great country of ours!?!

I know only what I know, I make a pledge to share this every opportunity I get, lives can change, can be healed, we just need to take action now to see this begin to happen!