I know only what I know.

I just spend 12 incredible days aboard the Ocean Endeavour as part of a staff/crew for Adventure Canada. I left thinking only this, you know only what you know. Until this trip I thought that growing up Inuk was enough in terms of knowledge and traditional skills but after spending a few days with some of the lecturers and having great conversations, I realized I really don’t know enough.

I have since returning home from this great trip researching and collecting information to read, I come back to the same question, where do we get this information to learn about the incredible people that were our ancestors?

Our ancestors were guides for many explorer expeditions and with all due respect, explorers came and went, Inuit stayed, survived and thrived, this would have taken so much land and animal knowledge, human body knowledge, environmental knowledge, they may not have approached things from a scientific eye but they were still very much knowledgeable and highly functioning!!!

I have greater love and respect for my ancestors now after this trip and have a renewed determination and commitment to learn as much as I can about our past. Thank you Adventure Canada.