Nurturing the Dreamer

Nurturing the Dreamer.

I speak often about Nurturing the Dream and the dreamer. One of my fondest memories is walking along the waters edge in Arviat and getting lost in my thoughts and dreams, we are talking about 35 years ago so I guess the question becomes what source or inspiration would I have drawn from to “dream” with in small town Nunavut in a community of 1200 people with only the Tommy Hunter show for entertainment on television (which was a favourite show of mine at that time)?

Dreaming or goal setting is not so much the topic or issue for this article but rather the emotion engaged when dreaming or goal setting, hope! As long as we dream or wish or desire something hope is alive in our hearts and spirits and hope is one of several very powerful emotions that allows the human spirit to keep fighting for itself in spite of or despite our personal circumstances and history. The Tommy Hunter show, the walks along the waters edge, the time alone allowed for healthy emotions in general and hope specifically to stay engaged even if the world I created in my mind was a different world (meaning not my world at that time), the power of hope that that dream world stirred was stronger than the draw of hopelessness. I am an optimist, my spirit always searched out things to believe in, I saw the waters edge (oceans edge) as a sparkling beautiful thing that had at once so much power and so much beauty, the water that nurtured the whales and fish and seals, the water that was the seagulls playground, the water that could be so foggy and misty one minute you could barely see your hand in front of you but with a slight shift of temperature the mist would lift and all you see is the crystal clear ocean that when frozen became miles and miles of transportation routes that once it ended still provided a source of transportation if you happen to have a boat with your sled and ski doo to take you even further and beyond what your eyes could see, dreaming did not end at the waters edge in town, it could go on…one can be a dreamer if one believes in the power of hope. The time spent day dreaming was an escape, I don’t know from what, I had nothing to escape from really but I always felt the draw to go somewhere, to be somewhere else if even only in my mind.

The environment we grew up in was/is the only one we knew, we draw inspiration from it again begging the question, if we can draw inspiration and hope from our surroundings, what and where does this need to be inspired come from? Do we search out and find inspiration differently, do we all see one thing but each of us is inspired differently from that same thing?

What is the one common denominator? We want to believe in something, we want to continue to hope…because hope is so powerful, believing is so powerful, we will search it out! I left my home in the early 1990’s because I could feel that hope dying in me, the belief I had in life was becoming engulfed in anger and resentment, I left to give my spirit a break from the constant struggle for hope, I chose to feed and nurture hope even though for a time I was very lonely in Ottawa. I made the choice to start over (alone) even though I had no idea what it would entail, I just knew that I had to.

Recap: Sometimes we make decisions that feel selfish and even wrong but sometimes those decisions need to be made.